Why do women lie about dating

I am not covering sociopaths and pathological liars – you’ll see that pathological liars lie incessantly to exaggerate their own importance.

But if you are wondering if you’re with a pathological liar or a sociopath, please buy the book, “Women Who Love Psychopaths.” Even if you’re a man or your situation is different, this book will be highly educational.

Their reaction is still never a good one so the logic doesn’t add up.

Some men would love to be more honest, but if you are going to flip out when he does, he figures what’s the point.

So if you’re the type of person who dates and doesn’t tell the other person where you’re really at – or if you’re super jealous and suspicious about your partner and it drives you mad, this is for you.

Lie #1: A Christian man must be God’s best choice of a mate for me.

Not that money is important.” Her apparent excitement said the opposite. ” I’d had conversations like this with women dozens of times.



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