Who is josh farro dating

Paramore has undergone major changes in the past six years.

Not only did guitarist Josh Farro and drummer Zac Farro leave the band in 2010, but bassist Jeremy Davis recently left in December.

Pop Punk, as it’s come to be known as, highlighted the best moments of my childhood, and so it should be no surprise that after living through the spiritual experience that is a Paramore concert, I was hooked. Your body is changing in more ways than you can keep up with. You’re discovering new opportunities, like actual sports teams and after-school clubs. The band was changing, with the addition of guitar player Taylor York.



And so we will."We're really thankful for the people who have helped see us through hard times before and what we've discovered is that those people are just as much a part of this as we will ever be.Related: Paramore Loses Jeremy Davis: ‘This Has Been Really Painful’ Things weren’t exactly friendly between Josh and the remaining members of the group when he first left.



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