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With headlines like “’The Hills’ Are Alive,” “Where Does The Hills Fall on Your Guilt-to-Pleasure Scale? ” and “The Hills Series Finale Will Blow Your Mind With Reality,” the reality show—which was actually mostly scripted—rode a wave of reality-TV popularity from 2006 to 2010. This is bad news if you've always dreamed of marrying a reality TV pioneer.Of the castmembers featured over six seasons of the show, nearly all of them locked it down already.He welcomed a daughter, Delilah Ray Wahler, with wife Ashley Slack on Monday August 21.See what everyone else is doing today by ch-ch-checking out the gallery (below)!


Audrina and BF Corey Bohan had just left Hyde when she hit the ground and started bawling.

Audrina tells us there was no fight -- she was just pissed because it was clear they'd have to wait forever for the Uber and her contacts were uber-uncomfortable.

Now, five years after The Hills, Justin Bobby Brescia is setting the record straight on the show that made him famous and his and Audrina's 'genuine loving' relationship that definitely was not 'scripted.' Bad boy rap: Justin Bobby Brescia - pictured in 2009 - was the guy who broke Audrina Patridge's heart over and over again on The Hills but now he's setting the record straight on their relationship and a lot of other things Friends: Justin Bobby, pictured with his former love on the MTV reality show, told Us Weekly, 'I was always a friend to her from the get-go and there for her as a friend...

Around the same time, she also appeared in minor roles in the direct-to-disc film about “Sorority Row.


A scantily-clad Audrina (seriously, what is she supposed to be dressed as?But, that doesn't mean that Patridge can't be happy about her old friend's engagement. She is best known for being a cast member on MTV's "The Hills." Patridge will be appearing as the lead in her own reality series The Audrina Show which premieres in 2010.



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