What year did miranda lambert and blake shelton start dating

"Miranda was the one that was outspoken about [their marriage] and insisted all was good while Blake was always off doing his own thing and not really saying a whole lot..it's the opposite." Lambert's newfound shyness might be because she is embarrassed by her previous outspokenness, Meighan explained.

"She has to feel a little embarrassed because after all of that it didn't work out.


She's never revealed if it's actually about Shelton, but described it as a "tear-in-your-beer.""[It] takes a lot of confidence and strength to be willing to be vulnerable," she told the mag. Everybody goes through a time in their life when they run to it a little bit more than when they don’t.

Shelton has also made his relationship with girlfriend Gwen Stefani incredibly public while Lambert rarely shares glimpses of her new relationship with singer Anderson East on social media.



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