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Products) End Sub Private Sub Data Repeater1_Draw Item(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Microsoft. Draw Item Dim curr Item As Data Row View = Direct Cast(Products Binding Source. Validating, Address Of Text Box_Validating End Sub Private Sub Text Box_Validating(By Val sender As System. Data Repeater Item Event Args) Handles Data Repeater1. Item Index), Data Row View) Dim txt As Text Box = Direct Cast(e. Controls("Unit_Price Text Box"), Text Box) Add Handler txt. Cancel Event Args) Dim dec As Decimal If Not Decimal. Validation is often placed in a class by itself where it can be updated without updating the whole system.In the case of a Zip Code, validation could be as simple as checking to be sure that the input is a number, or it could be as complex as comparing the entered code with one derived from a GIS search.Although you say that it fires when a control loses focus, it doesn't do that for me. What I am looking for is a single point where I can do all my form validation when the user attempts to submit the form.Validation is the process of checking whether entered data is what it needs to be for the system to work correctly. This Quick Tip is the first of two that show you how to tell . Acres of code are usually devoted to validation and there is no universal 'right' way to do it.So from the toolbox drop a datarepeater on the form. Cancel = True End If End Sub The complete code Public Class Form1 Private Sub Products Binding Navigator Save Item_Click(By Val sender As System. Event Args) Handles Products Binding Navigator Save Item. Inside the datarepeater drag the Product Name, Unit Price, and Units in stock fields.


You can validate the editor contents and cancel the edits if necessary.

For common requirements like Zip Code, your shop may have a standard in-house validation DLL that you should include in your project.



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