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Part I deals with generalities, while Part II concentrates on various different levels of linguistic analysis: I§2.

I postpone the details until we reach that heading.

INSAG stands by the general conclusions of INSAG-1 about the accident’s causes and their implications for the safety of the Chernobyl type light water cooled graphite moderated RBMK reactors.

However, the new information, which derives from studies made in the then USSR on the physical origins of the accident, has led INSAG to shift the emphasis of its conclusions from the actions of the operating staff to faulty design of the reactor’s control rods and safety systems.

The modelling and the control of web handling systems have been studied for a long time; correct modelling is necessary in order to design a better control system or to identify the plant parameters experimentally.


The experimental system consists of four sections each of which is driven by a servomotor; the speed and tension feedback, by using encoders and tension sensors, drives simultaneously the four servomotors through a real time C programmed D/A board.New wordings of old observations are framed within circled asterisks (⊛___⊛), while new observations are framed within diamonds (◊___◊).Old observations from 1972 that need further rethinking in 2008, if not by me then by others, are framed within braces (). Conclusions on factors contributory to the accident; Appendix: Measures to improve the safety of RBMK plants; Annex I: Report by a commission to the USSR State Committee for the supervision of safety in industry and nuclear power; Annex II: Report by a working group of USSR experts.

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Subsequent effects of context were detected at 400-700 msec following cue onset (P3b), with a broad scalp distribution spanning posterior areas, and during the final 300 msec preceding the target, with a probable generator in the medial frontal cortex.



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