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Keeping with programmer syntax, I’ll explain my naming convention with square brackets [] to indicate required portions of the file name and curly braces to indicate optional portions, along with some examples.Also, I chose to not have spaces in my file names but instead use underscores. One reason I chose to not have spaces, is because I didn’t like the URL that Drop Box creates when I produce a public URL, such as “…/Knight Calvin Photo.jpg” instead of “../Knight Calvin Photo.jpg”.Naming Convention (each portion is divided by an underscore _ character): Folders: There are several ways to organize the folders on your hard drive. For me, I’m separating photos and documents, and then by surname below those categories.

Given that EDH already contains links to PIR in its bibliography, we could start with extracting (this should be possible using a simple Python script) and linking these to the EDH person REF.In the case where there is only one person attested in a text, the PIR reference can be linked directly to the RDF of that EDH person attestation.If, however (and probably in most cases), there are multiple person references in a text, we should try another procedure (possibly by looking at the first letter of the EDH name and matching it to the alphabetical PIR volume).It's a fascinating place to work, with a long history of great achievements.


A lot of what they do is invisible to the general public, but I did once get my name in the credits of a TV programme. This is just a bit of fun for me, with no motive beyond learning a bit of HTML and letting you know something about myself. I've written pages about some of these, and intend to write more when time allows.



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