Updating files for launchpad

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A lot of these new products derive from appraisers like you!

We’re excited to share that we are replacing File Lister with the new ACI One Launchpad!

This new tool will give you quick-and-easy access to Find, Filter and Custom View Schemes that are designed to help you locate an appraisal report or even multiple reports.

For this reason the following defaults apply: By default the Sling Launchpad standalone application installs a Shutdown Hook with the Java Runtime to make sure the framework is properly terminated in case of a Java termination.

In some situations or setups you want to control shutdown of Sling yourselves, so Sling supports a command line option file contains the initial setup of the Sling Application and the OSGi framework.

- Fixed bug with context menu on Animated title screen- New release!

You don’t yet have LED feedback in User 1, we will set that up now.

Make sure you have two MIDI tracks and on the left side of Ableton.

This tries to explain how exactly the Sling Launchpad works, what constitutes the Sling Launchpad and how you can use the Sling Launchpad to custom create you Sling launchers.


For a view behind the scenes of the Sling Launchpad Base module (the actual launcher) you might want to refer to the Embedding Sling page.Set them up like this: Now when you switch to User 1 mode, you should get yellow illuminated buttons when you press them.



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