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Output: Enter account number ( 1 to 100, 0 to end input ) ? Apart from the simplest of applications, most programs have to read or write files.When you open the file, you can see the integer you entered.Example 2: Read from a text file using fscanf() are used for reading from and writing to a file on the disk respectively in case of binary files.The meaning attached to a particular file is determined entirely by the data structures and operations used by a program to process the file.It is conceivable (and it sometimes happens) that a graphics file will be read and displayed by a program designed to process textual data.Instead of storing data in plain text, they store it in the binary form (0's and 1's).


To keep things confusing, the cursor position is often referred to as a file pointer, even though it’s not a pointer variable or a FILE type of pointer.

Essentially there are two kinds of files that programmers deal with text files and binary files.



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