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The Tao of Badass Review If you’re a guy, there’s a fairly good likelihood you like girls.

And unless you’re superhuman — Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp — there’s an equally good chance that you do not have an easy time to GET girls.

Have you ever wondered why some guys hook up with just about any woman they want while others don’t go past the first conversation?

You might like to become a friend of Joshua Pellicer.

In fact, probably the greatest and most useful things is Josh’s “map of interaction.” It is a step-by-step explanation of EVERYTHING you’ll want to know to speedily and powerfully attract ladies you meet — what to say, how to say it, what to do and what not to do.

I’ve tried this approach already with REMARKABLE RESULTS! Let’s simply say I was capable of meet and connect with more girls in one night than I have previously been able to in over a month, or more (during notably dry spells — you understand what I mean)!

And that is where The Tao of Badass can make a difference. The big question you have is, “Does The Tao of Badass work? If you want to take things really gradual, be a “friend first” and “lover later,” then maybe not.

There have been plenty of “tips on how to get women” programs before, some decent, some a complete waste of money. For those who are focused on learning whether or not you possibly can benefit from this program — and actually learn to get girls — then read on. On the other hand, if you’re excited about making fast, serious headway with girls you meet, being extremely engaging to them, getting them to respond straight away, and ultimately getting just what you wish from them (no matter what that is likely to be), then The Tao of Badass may very well be for you.




After all, as a woman you would think I’d know a little something about what to say or not say to women right?

Here in this guide author teaches seduction tips and techniques to men.


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