The secret to dating professional athletes and getting that ring Seks date gratis

The Indiana Pacers' Paul George is just the newest member of this exclusive list.With the big paycheck comes a spotlight so bright that even a former D-Leaguer gets exposed by the media when he shoves his fingers up a non-consenting butt. But the only way that happens is if they behave themselves off of it.If you’ve seen enough “Real Housewives” type reality shows starring wealthy women, you know the drill: The characters are introduced. Here are some of the teachable moments from the premiere: glamorous. “The Queen WAG would obviously be the wife,” explains Sasha Gates (wife of recently-suspended San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates). Someone suggests an “impromptu” trip to Vegas/the Bahamas/Hawaii. However, you do learn a lot about the apparently frightening world of being with a professional athlete. puts it, “These WAGS are playing the most competitive sport out there: getting and keeping that pro-athlete man.” Or as we put it, this is a show that will make feminists weep.


When we were in Italy, I was alone when he traveled to away games (sometimes for as long as five days at a time). (A distinguished group including Carrie Underwood, Iggy Azalea and Victoria Beckham, producers want you to know.) This series chronicles a group of women either dating or married to sports stars, with as much real and manufactured drama as you would expect. First, WAGS stands for “Wives And Girlfriend S” of professional athletes.Athletes come here for the center’s state-of-the-art training facilities—to tweak their strokes in the aquatic center’s 50-meter pool, learn more about their bodies in the physiology lab, or nurse injuries in the world-class physical-therapy department.

But perhaps the most important building an athlete will visit is the food-court-size cafeteria on the north end of the sprawling 35-acre grounds. Olympic Committee sent a staff of chefs and dietitians from Colorado Springs to London, where they re-created the menu Team USA had been living and training on back home.

“The wives definitely tend to look down on the girlfriends,” Ashley explains.


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