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” Here’s what e Harmony suggest you keep in mind to get through the holidays solo this year.

Don’t bury yourself in work, but since you don’t have to fit someone else’s schedule into yours, being single at the holidays gives you the opportunity to work late and pick up more hours or extra shifts.

The holidays are here–and if you’re single, or just getting over a break up, it means tough times are ahead.


Is it a total faux-pas to break up with her on New Year’s Eve? Being single during the holidays can be difficult, especially if all your friends are paired off (and spending time with their significant other).

It's not easy being single during the holiday season.


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    I think she knew somehow what I was going to do to her- and yet she stayed.

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    When you get to the stage that you actually want to settle down, it’s time to get serious about your dating methods. singles matched together on the basis of compatible lifestyle, personality and relationship goals. knows it isn’t as pretty a picture as the cherry blossoms suggest.

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    But think again, for a watch, in your girlfriend’s mind, may cause your relationship time to come to an end; just like a watch that stops ticking! Not when it comes to buying a present for your girlfriend, no.

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