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Aside from at least some being protected, the birds could carry diseases.Law hadn’t claimed any of the birds, discovered when he passed his luggage through an X-ray machine, federal officials said, adding that the birds were inside in small plastic boxes with holes.He is accused of violating an international treaty that aims to ensure that the trade of wild animals and plants doesn’t threaten their survival. Various federal agencies were investigating Law, including the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and U. Check any preconceived notions you have about East LA and offer a smile when you share a moment with a stranger.The everybody-knows-your-name vibe is what Highland Park is all about, so don’t taint it with your Silver Lake snobbery.Here’s her main claim:"I can't say WHAT the true intentions were but I have 2 little kids and I am a young 20s, noticeably have a baby bump 7 months along.


Originating from a Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala can supplement your current spiritual practice or offer you a new perspective.

If you hit the neighborhood’s two main streets, York and Figueroa, you’ll notice businesses both new and old living happily side by side, making it tough to believe that this was once a tumultuous, gang-afflicted landscape.

The area has since shaped up and found its own groove—quite possibly the most unique and cutting edge hood in LA. Whether it’s a guitar shop in front of a record store or great coffee steps away from a bookstore that’s not Barnes and Noble, there is something for everyone in Highland Park.

You can watch the change unfold on York Boulevard, where galleries and high-end coffee shops are popping up between the dive bars and taco trucks. Key bartenders are enthusiastic to the point of flamboyance, but they're much more theatre/improv-comedy types than Hollywood types, if you get me.


Sundries/Entertainment Eagle Rock has long been a foodie's paradise, offering up impeccable pizzas from Casa Bianca, upscale vegetarian fare at Fatty's, and fast food done right at The Oinkster. Bouncers and older regulars are chummy and charming in a gruff, avuncular way. Bright red and royal gold energize your senses upon entering one of the peaceful shrine rooms at the Shambhala Meditation Center.

I've spent many hours in the dark confines of the Black Boar, knocking back the happy-hour special (a Pabst and an Evan Williams shot, which I christened the "meal deal") and wishing the day's care into the cornfield. Like me, he has a history in Chicago, and we discussed the idea of opening a "Chicago-themed bar" in LA. The Black Boar is modeled on British pubs, but like the most grounded Chicago taverns, it feels more like a particularly kempt dive than a theme bar.


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