Sap prevent parked document from updating commitment

INTTRK-10661 (26 August 2016) WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4038124096 Description It is now possible to attach files to Credit Memo Requests, Debit Memo Requests, Return Orders and Resource Related Billing Orders.

INTTRK-9455 (26 August 2016) WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-3878362718 Description During Sales Order Billing, the "Purchase Order number" field on the Sales Order header is now transferred to the "Assignment" field on the Invoice and on the Accounts Receivable Document to assist in the customer payment clearing process.

Just give it a chance :-))) The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. Sheet Adjustment F.5E SAPMS38M G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment F.5F SAPMS38M G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log F.5G SAPMF00H G/L: Subseq. Er F.50 SAPF181 G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmn F.51 SAPMS38M G/L: Open Items F.52 SAPMS38M G/L: Acct Bal. Global Ledgers GB04 SAPMSNUM Number Range Local Ledger GB05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f. data table GCEG RGCEUR50 Ingeration: Euro transaction types GCEJ RGCORG00 Suggest FI-LC package assignment GCEK RGCEUR30 Reconcil. for SL tabl GCRE2 RGUCREP1 Deactivate drilldown rep. GCR7 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct Access GCR8 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct Access GCTA SAPLGBLT Transport Rules GCTR SAPMGTRA Transport from Report Writer object GCTS SAPMGTRA Transport of sets and variables GCT0 SAPLGBLT Transport of Substitutions GCT1 SAPMGTRA Transport Ledger GCT2 SAPMGTRA FI-SL Activation GCT3 SAPMGTRA Control Information GCT4 SAPMGTRA Transport Rollup GCT5 SAPMGTRA Transport: Planning Parameters GCT6 SAPMGTRA Transport Distribution Key GCT7 SAPMGTRA Transport: Cycles GCT8 SAPMGTRA Transport: Document Types GCT9 SAPLGBLT Transport of Validations GCUP RKEPCU20 Subsequently posting CO data to FIS GCU0 MENUGCU0 Customizing FI-GLX Menu GCU1 RGUREC10 Data Transfer from FI GCU2 RGICGLU2 Generate G1U2 GCU3 RGUREC20 Transfer Data From CO GCU4 RGUREC30 Subsequent Posting of Data From MM GCU5 RKEPCU40 Subsequent Posting of Data frm Sale GCU6 RGUREC50 CO plan doc subs.

So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well. Interest Calculation F.53 SAPMS38M G/L: Account Assignment Manual F.54 SAPMS38M G/L: Structured Account Balances F.56 SAPMFKM0 Delete Recurring Document F.57 SAPMFKM0 G/L: Delete Sample Documents F.61 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Print Requests F.62 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Print Int. Global Ledgers GB06 RGUSTORL Reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts GB11 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Global Ledgers GB16 RGUSTORG Reverse Global FI-SL Actual Docmnts GCAC RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison GCAE RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison w/diff. integration CF FILCT GCEL RGCCHPEU Item substitution/Ret. (CF) GCEM RGCMBUEU Post extract in carryforward period GCEN RGCEUR02 Check whether balance carried fwd GCEP RGCEUR60 Delete period values for current yr GCEQ RGCEUR90 KONS-EURO: End Package GCEU RGEURBAL Item can be Included in Bal. GCF4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Field Assignment GCGE RGPLEP02 Activate Global Plan Line Items GCGG RGICGLU1 Generation of GLU1 GCGS RGUSLSEP Reconciliation of total line items GCG1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Glob. - SL tabl GCR1 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Create Field Assignment GCR2 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Change Field Assignment GCR3 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Display Field Assignment GCR6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Del. posting to FI-SL GCU9 RGUUMS03 Delete Transaction Data GCVB RGISETGL Update Type in FI-SL GCVO SAPMGCU0 Preparation for FI-SL Customizing GCVZ RGUGBT00 Rule Maintenance GCV1 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Create Activity GCV2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Activity GCV3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Activity GCV4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Activity GCW4 SAPMF10Q Sp.

Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000 ) sorted by transaction code. Closing: Restart F99G RFBKCONO Check Account Balancing Ext. Balancing (Int./Charges) F992 RFBKCLLG Application Log Account Balancing F992EX RFBKCLLG Application Log Acct Balancing EDT F993 RFBKCONA Accrual/Deferral for General Ledger F994 RFBKARLG Application Log Accrual/Deferral F995 RFBKCONB Restart Account Balancing F996 RFBKCOND Single Acct. Comp GCG4 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Global Comp.

So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. Confirmatio F.19 SAPMS38M G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearin F.2E SAPMS38M Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comp F.20 SAPMS38M A/R: Account List F.21 SAPMS38M A/R: Open Items F.22 SAPMS38M A/R: Open Item Sorted List F.23 SAPMS38M A/R: Account Balances F.24 SAPMS38M A/R: Interest for Days Overdue F.25 SAPMS38M Bill of Exchange List F.26 SAPMS38M A/R: Balance Interest Calculation F.27 SAPMS38M A/R: Periodic Account Statements F.28 SAPMS38M Customers: Reset Credit Limit F.29 SAPMFKM0 A/R: Set Up Info System 1 F.30 RFDRRANZ A/R: Evaluate Info System F.35 RFDKLI41 Credit Master Sheet F.38 RFUMSV25 Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax F.40 SAPMS38M A/P: Account List F.41 SAPMS38M A/P: Open Items F.42 SAPMS38M A/P: Account Balances F.44 SAPMS38M A/P: Balance Interest Calculation F.45 SAPMFKM0 A/P: Set Up Info System 1 F.46 RFKRRANZ A/P: Evaluate Info System F.5D SAPMS38M G/L: Update Bal. FOQ6 RFVIMAEA RE: Activate CH rent adjustment FOQ7 RFVIMARS Real estate: CH rent adj: Balancing (Int./Charge F997 RFBKCONI Early Mass Account Balancing F997S RFBKCONN Early Individual Account Balancing F999 RFBKCON3 Interest scale GAL1 RGUCALE1 Update Assignment Table EDIMAP GAL2 RGUCALE2 Generate Export/Import GAL3 RGLEXE02 Export of G/L acct transactn figure GAOV RGAOV Cycle Overview FI-SL GAR5 RGULDB00 Display Structure of Local DBs GA1D RGALLOC3 Delete allocation line items GA11 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment GA11N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment GA12 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment GA12N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment GA13 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual assessment GA13N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual Assessment GA14 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment GA14N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment GA15 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual assessment GA16 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assessment Overview GA2A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2C SAPMKGA1 Plan Assessment Overview GA27 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment GA27N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment GA28 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment GA28N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment GA29 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment GA29N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment GA31 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL actual distribution GA31N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Distribution GA32 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL actual distribution GA32N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Distribution GA33 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual distribution GA33N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual Distribution GA34 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL actual distribution GA34N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Distribution GA35 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual distribution GA36 SAPMKGA1 Actual Distribution Overview GA4A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4C SAPMKGA1 Plan Distribution Overview GA47 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution GA47N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution GA48 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution GA48N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution GA49 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution GA49N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution GB01 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local Ledgers GB02 SAPMSNUM Number Range Local Ledger GB03 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f. GCG5 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Companies GCHE SAPLGINC Monitor flexible general ledger GCIN SAPLGINS Maintain FI-SL tables GCIQ SAPLGINS Quick installation FI-SL GCI1 SAPMGCU2 Installation of FI-SL Tables GCI2 SAPMGCU2 FI-SL: Installation of Object Table GCJU RGUJUMP0 Diagnosis: Direct Access to Functio GCLE RGPLEP01 Activate Local Plan Line Items GCL1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Copy Ledger GCM1 SAPMGUMS Conversion GCRB SAPMKKB5 Report Selection GCRE1 RGUCREP0 Activate drilldown rep.

FG99 Flexible G/L: Report Selection FGI0 Execute Report FGI1 Create Report FGI2 Change Report FGI3 Display Report FGI4 Create Form FGI5 Change Form FGI6 Display Form FGIB Background Processing FGIC Maintain Currency Translation Type FGIK Maintain Key Figures FGIM Report Monitor FGIO Transport Reports FGIP Transport Forms FGIQ Import Reports from Client 000 FGIR Import Forms from Client 000 FGIT Translation Tool - Drilldown Report. Acct Assgt FMCR Reassignment: Display Work List FMCT Reassignment: Transfer FMD1 Change Carryforward Rules FMD2 Display Carryforward Rules FMDM Monitor Closing Operations FMDS Copy Carryforward Rules FMDT Display Carryforward Rules FME1 Import Forms from Client 000 FME2 Import Reports from Client 000 FME3 Transport Forms FME4 Transport Reports FME5 Reorganize Forms FME6 Reorganize Drilldown Reports FME7 Reorganize Report Data FME8 Maintain Batch Variants FME9 Translation Tool - Drilldown FMEB Structure Report Backgrnd Processing FMEH SAP-EIS: Hierarchy Maintenance FMEK FMCA: Create Drilldown Report FMEL FMCA: Change Drilldown Report FMEM FMCA: Display Drilldown Report FMEN FMCA: Create Form FMEO FMCA: Change Form FMEP FMCA: Display Form FMEQ FMCA: Run Drilldown Report FMER FMCA: Drilldown Tool Test Monitor FMEURO1 Create Euro FM Area FMEURO2 Refresh Euro Master Data FMEURO3 Display Euro FM Areas FMEURO4 Deactivate Euro FM Areas FMEV Maintain Global Variable FMF0 Payment Selection FMF1 Revenue Transfer FMG1 FM: Create Commitment Item Group FMG2 FM: Change Commitment Item Group FMG3 FM: Display Commitment Item Group FMG4 FM: Delete Commitment Item Group FMG5 Generate BS Objects fr. FNAE Reactivate deleted policy contract FNAG Reactivate deleted other loan applic FNAH Reactivate del.

FGIV Maintain Global Variable FGIX Reorganize Drilldown Reports FGIY Reorganize Report Data FGIZ Reorganize Forms FGM0 Special Purpose Ledger Menu FGRP Report Painter FGRW Report Writer Menu FI01 Create Bank FI02 Change Bank FI03 Display Bank FI04 Display Bank Changes FI06 Mark Bank for Deletion FI07 Change Current Number Range Number FI12 Change House Banks/Bank Accounts FI12CORE Change House Banks/Bank Accounts FI13 Display House Banks/Bank Accounts FIBB Bank chain determination FIBC Scenarios for Bank Chain Determin. Cmmt Item Grp FMHC Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR FMHG Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR FMHGG Generate BS Elements f. other loan FNAI Reactivate deleted other loan cntrct FNAK Select file character FNAL Reactivate deleted BNL contract FNAM Reactivate deleted policy contract FNASL Loans: Account Analysis FNB1 Transfer to a Loan FNB2 Transfer from a Loan FNB3 Document Reversal - Loans FNB8 BAV Information FNB9 BAV transfer FNBD Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transfer FNBG Guarantee charges list FNBU DARWIN- Loans accounting menu FNCD Transfer Customizing for Dunning FNCW1 Maintain Standard Role FNCW2 Transaction Release: Adjust Workflow FNDD Convert Dunning Data in Dunn.


Asst FMV1 Create Forecast of Revenue FMV2 Change Forecast of Revenue FMV3 Display Forecast of Revenue FMV4 Approve Forecast of Revenue FMV5 Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.INTTRK-10469 (26 August 2016) WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4133669126 Description The 'Subsistence Allowance' expense type is now only system-populated and not available for user selection upon TR creation.Users may now only use expense type DSAJ - "Subsistence Allowance Adjustment" as necessary. Type Fields FMUG Display Reasons for Decision FMUH Maintain Reasons for Decisions FMUI Display Groups for Workflow Fields FMUJ Maintain Groups for Workflow Fields FMUK Display Fields in Groups for WF FMUL Maintain Fields in Groups for WF FMUM Display Field Selctn -Variant/Group FMUV Funds Resvtn Field Status Var.

Main File Structure FNL4 New business FNL5 New business FNL6 New business FNM1 Automatic Posting FNM1S Automatic Posting - Single FNM2 Balance sheet transfer FNM3 Loans reversal module FNM4 Undisclosed assignment FNM5 Automatic debit position simulation FNM6 Post dunning charges/arrears FNM7 Loan reversal chain FNMA Partner data: Settings menu FNMD Submenu General Loans FNME Loans management menu FNMEC Loans Management Menu FNMH Loans management menu FNMI Loans information system FNMO Loans Menu Policy Loans FNMP Rollover FNMS Loans Menu Borrower's Notes FNN4 Display general file FNN5 Edit general file FNN6 Display general main file FNN7 Edit general main file FNN8 Display general main file FNN9 Edit general overall file FNO1 Create Object FNO2 Change Object FNO3 Display Object FNO5 Create collateral FNO6 Change collateral FNO7 Display collateral FNO8 Create Objects from File FNO9 Create Collateral from File FNP0 Edit rollover manually FNP4 Rollover: Display file FNP5 Rollover: Edit File FNP6 Rollover: Display main file FNP7 Rollover: Edit main file FNP8 Rollover: Display overall file FNP9 Rollover: Edit overall file FNQ2 New Business Statistics FNQ3 Postprocessing IP rejection FNQ4 Customer Inc. adjustment run FNQF Swiss interest adjustment run FNQG Swiss special interest run FNR0 Loans: Posting Journal FNR6 Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW FNR7 Totals and Balance List FNR8 Account statement FNR9 Planning list FNRA Other accruals/deferrals FNRB Memo record update FNRC Accruals/deferrals reset FNRD Display incoming payments FNRE Reverse incoming payments FNRI Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium FNRS Reversal Accrual/Deferral FNS1 Collateral number range FNS4 Cust.

This document relates to Financial Global Settings and Company Code Parameter which cover chart of accounts, fiscal year, posting period, field status variants, company code global parameters and more.


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