Salman khan dating

The Beautiful lady Lulia Vantur is lucky enough to be Salman’s wife, and has got a chance to know him so well and get a peculiar place in his heart.

Speculations about the rumoured relationship of Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur have been rife for the longest time.

Filmfare reports sources as saying that Salman has made it clear that he is not going to settle down with his rumoured girlfriend, Iulia Vantur.

It all started when Salman made an appearance at Preity Zinta's wedding reception along with the Romanian beauty.

Rumours were rife that Salman will finally get hitched to her but later it was reported that the duo has parted ways.

Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur has been Romantically involved and are winning the headlines this year as a number of deliberations around their wedding has been making news for some time.


Presently Salman is dating this beautiful lady Lulia Vantur who is from Romia.Earlier also, she has been a part of the family gatherings of the Khan family.


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