Sagittarius woman dating taurus man

According to the compatibility horoscope, it is clear that these zodiac signs have much in common - for example, optimism, communicability, enthusiastic attitude to everything in life.Thees two will take love like a revelation: the Leo man will fall in love because his fiancee arouses admiration and pride in him, Sagittarius woman will fall in love because her man arouses hitherto unseen force of passion in her.Both these two fundamentally want different things, not so much out of life but out of a loving romance, without realising it.


Leo man and Sagittarius woman with the very first minute of dating are attracted to each other as if some unseen force throws them into the arms of one another, promising heavenly happiness.

Taurus man will suddenly realize that life has bright colors and beautiful sounds, he will suddenly hear the birds singing, and most importantly - Taurus will feel a strong beat of his heart. So he contacts me about every month and I have to be patient until this many months long job is complete. WE started talking, then he was like "I like you..." & I'm like "I like you too..." But he meant like like... We talked everyday, around the clock, it was like we were in a relationship, but we weren't. He's a good person and stuff, but like he's afraid to be with me...


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