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This mission, centered in the North Waziristan tribal agency, targeted the Pakistani Taliban and other Islamist militants who were staging attacks on Pakistani soil.While Pakistan continued to be convulsed by terror attacks well into 2017, the number of terror attacks and terrorist violence has fallen significantly since the operation was launched.Pakistan will continue to grapple with its status as a Muslim constitutional democracy, and with developing ways to channel Islamist ideologies that have played a significant role in its identity since 1947.While Islamist political parties are unlikely to take power in the near future, they will continue to influence the country’s legal framework and political discourse in ways that restrict personal freedoms, subordinate women and minorities, and enhance the role of clergy within the country’s democratic institutions.Most of the main city lies on the bank of the river Panjkora, which separates Balambat from the main city. Student teacher ratio is 43 students per teacher and there are 41 boys per male teacher and 46 girls per female teacher.According to the recent Universal Primary Education (UPE) survey, the total number of children in the age group 5-7 years is 104,498 Almost 24% children of the total (age group 5–7 years) are out of school, in which 19% are boys and 30% are girls.



I thought it would be helpful to put together all available websites along with little descriptions to help everyone quickly make use of these sites.Discoveries included houses dating from 500 BC and fire altars, showing that the people were fire worshippers.At the 1998 Census the town had a population of 43,774.Moreover, throughout Pakistan’s history, its military and intelligence services have created and cultivated ties with violent Islamist groups to achieve regional strategic objectives. The emergence of the Pakistani Taliban – an amalgam of anti-state militants that formed in 2007 in reaction to the Pakistan military’s storming of the notorious Red Mosque in the heart of Islamabad – destabilized the nation in a big way between 20.


The Pakistani Taliban conducted countless terrorist attacks throughout the country during that period, killing some 30,000 civilians and security forces, and prompting a major Pakistan Army operation against the militants in 2014. The Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on the Internet and social media A collection of Resources available on the Internet that is useful to an Ahmadi Muslim.



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