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The first thing you’ll probably notice is a lack of arm muscles, which I plan to rectify in the near future.Also, I self-identify as a muscular man, and feel more comfortable displaying that to the world -- so this is something I might want to tweak for a more honest representation of myself in this photo.To download from Facebook, open the Facebook photo editing window and select "options" in the menu at the bottom of the page.Select "download" from the drop-down menu, which automatically sends the photo to your hard drive.The shroud is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy.The Catholic Church has neither formally endorsed nor rejected the shroud, but in 1958 Pope Pius XII approved of the image in association with the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.


In a test designed by Nightingale and taken by more than 700 men and women, participants could tell an image was faked only 60 percent of the time — a little better than if they guessed completely at random. If we can’t tell the fake ones from the real ones, the fakes are going to be powerful, too.” Our susceptibility to manipulated images is especially worrying when it comes to news.

The origins of the shroud and its images are the subject of intense debate among theologians, historians and researchers.

Diverse arguments have been made in scientific and popular publications claiming to prove that the cloth is the authentic burial shroud of Jesus, based on disciplines ranging from chemistry to biology and medical forensics to optical image analysis.

Automated albums include your active and former profile pictures, which usually contain profile-friendly head shot pics.


Click on the individual photo to open the photo editing window.Less than a year later, the photo started circulating again after another terrorism attack in Nice.



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    As y’all can imagine, the last half of those nine years hasn’t exactly been smooth. In 2013, Hansen’s father, David Hansen, spoke about his daughter’s relationship with Armstrong when his life got flipped upside down. Not only had Hansen met Armstrong when he had cancer, but she remained by his side after he admitted to doping.

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    Dort verfolgt man verschiedene Initiativen mit biobasierten Materialien, zum Beispiel mit Holz und Mais.

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