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The South had rules of its own, and the women are charming as all get out. Don't be a phone zombie, because no one likes zombies, and Southerners don't like bad posture. Don't say you have a boyfriend, because then it's a month down the road, and you're scrambling to make up an occupation, age, and Facebook profile for your fake boyfriend Adam who works in accounting and then you're kind of cat fishing yourself. First of all, I believe what will truly help me, is if I kept Erika on speed dial, so I can ask her questions all the time. If you're looking for me, I'll be working on my fancy skills. I wanted to find out more about the sweet, sweet life of a Southern Belle. This isn't necessarily Southern, but I wanted to know why there are so many forks when you go out to a fancy dinner. Try looking up, put the phone away, and imagine a string pulling you up straight. If you're trying to break your swearing habit, use buffer words. Sugar, fudge, honey sweet ice tea, and butterscotch, (I threw that one in there, for safe measure). Seersucker is only appropriate after easter and definitely not appropriate at Christmas time... You know, learning to fox trot, curtsey, or saber a wine bottle with a sword. Seersucker is a light fabric, and December is drafty. The season for white is between easter and labor day, but not after labor day. White dresses are a must for baptisms/confirmation, cotillions, debutante balls, high school 4. Value the people you're with, and look them in the eyes. Never leave the house without pearls, have emergency pearls for pearl appropriate situations. Even if it's not pearl appropriate, throw those suckers on and you're golden.

Money quote: The researchers found that most women speed daters said yes (meaning they’d like to see a man again after the four-minute speed date) less often to men of another race than they did to men of their own race.

for example, Atiku Abubakar's first wife is yoruba and his 4th wife is igbo.

However, you never hear whether elite big man or common man from the south marrying a hausa/fulani girl. I'm sure it's political or maybe has something to do with inferiority/superiority politics and identity in nigeria.

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In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.

Here’s how much less interested they were in the other races, as compared with their enthusiasm for men of their own race: Click here to read the whole article: Update: But wait, there’s some “good news” from those same researchers.


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