Netflix instant queue not updating

My List is only available on for now, but will roll out to mobile apps and third-party devices in the coming months.

The new feature replaces the current “Instant Queue” option—a holdover from Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service that never really caught hold with streaming-only users.

The company also said it is adding 500 more titles starting today, including PREVIOUS, AM: Scores of countries around the world are celebrating May Day on Wednesday, but it might be more like “mayday!

” for folks who make a habit of watching older movies on Netflix.

The end result with Instant Queue is a long list of titles to watch, with the more interesting videos towards the bottom of the list.

Anyone who was an Instant Queue fan, however, can still have manual control over My List by turning off the automatic ranking feature under their “My Account” settings.

Unlike Instant Queue, My List ranks the movies and TV shows you save based on what Netflix thinks you’re most likely to want to watch first.


(Check out a video comparing Netflix UIs on different devices below.) However, there is still a number of legacy devices that depend on the more simplified Instant Queue approach, so we shouldn’t expect it to completely disappear overnight.That’s because the service’s streaming deal for hundreds of Warners-owned titles — a catalog that includes MGM movies from before 1986 — is expiring.Those titles eventually will become exclusive to Warner Archive Instant, the month-old service recently graduated from beta mode that lets users stream films and TV shows from the 1920s through the 1990s for 10 bucks a month.Last night I scored the most recent Xbox Live update.


It includes a variety of improvement and tweaks, but there are really only two that are worth mentioning. Not only does it include Instant Queue management, but the ability to view select movies in ‘party mode’, which has a sort of Mystery Theatre 3000 like feel too it.

A source tells Deadline that that the number of expiring titles is closer to 1,000, rather than the 2,000 figure floating around online.


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