My cup of tea ii dating sim dating advice for women who want to get married

Follow Normal-kun on his occasionally humorous quest to "gotta catch 'em all". Both series also deal with fantasy/sci-fi settings to poise a problem that needs to be solved by making girls fall for the main character.

However, due to certain ridiculous circumstances, the world will be in great peril unless he dates a bunch of girls and gets them to fall in love with him. the boy in that anime need a help of there friends to conquer a girl the boy in that anime dont need a help to conquer a girl, he just use his skill from the dating sim he played Both contain dating-sim premise as well as use it for comedic effect.

Both series consists of 'arcs' that focuses on a specific characters for the main character to unlock the hearts of. Among other things, both series has a lot of comedy, drama, and takes place @ at a high school The male leads are coerced into making various girls fall in love with them, in order to "save humanity".

The main males have to set flags with each heroine, and make her fall for him to the point that they kiss. One is more based on action, while the other one is more based on romance.

Tomoya needs to deliver an awesome game proposal to the tentative circle if he’s to convince them—and himself—that he’s serious about his dream.

He also has a "sister" around him that guides him through these tasks.

No doubting that these two animes give the same vibe as 'Dating to save the world' is the main shared plot.


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