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~Kittyhawk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ January 2016 https:// Valor ALCON: I want to post this again because this makes up more than 20% of the thousands of weekly emails we get.


The family member had no other family members, but after an exhaustive research effort, you had been identified as that lost relative to receive the funds.

They talk about the dangerous but important work they do in Afghanistan, Iraq or other distant locations.

They confess their feelings of love for their targets.

by Guest Author, CJ Grisham, of A Soldier’s Perspective WOTN asked me to write a blog post for his readers about the signs and symptoms of a potential military dating scam.

First, let me go over a brief history of the scams that generally originate in Nigeria and a few other African nations. If they claim to be deployed and offer an address that is not an APO or FPO, they are not in the military. If your online love asks you to send a money to a third party address, don’t do it. You might wish that you had an instant bond and he might tell you that you are made for each other, but real love doesn’t happen like that. IFCC’s mission is to address fraud committed over the Internet.


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