Men addiction to internet dating


BILL: But, Dave, maybe my premise is wrong, or maybe it is the times that are a-changing.

reported last year that yes, 75-85% of porn consumers are men, but more women are beginning to view porn these days.

I know I have previously said that finding someone to have a long-term relationship with (and perhaps to marry) is a numbers game, and one should meet as many people as possible.

But the problem today is that since there are so many single, divorced, and widowed people in the dating world, AND because of the prevalence of matchmaking and online dating services, along with various activities geared toward singles, practically anyone can put themselves in a position to meet and date more eligible people in a week than someone a century ago might have met in a year!

How I emailed, dated and/or mated 200-men-in-200-weeks and was addicted to online dating.

Why and how I am TELLING-ALL my secrets and adventures as part of my RECOVERY and the road to loving myself, with or without a man. She wrote the book LOVING WHAT IS..recently I NEED YOUR LOVE - IS THAT TRUE/I've worked and travelled with her in South Africa.




But with porn, emotions never progress past that first stage. DAVE: When porn reaches the level of addiction, it's just like alcohol - the spouse either joins in the compulsive behavior or is left outside of the social network where porn is shared.The study's participants, who represented every state, included stay-at-home mothers, construction workers, engineers, nurses and presidents of large corporations.


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