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Between the success of Marvel's movie/comic book universe and the crazed anticipation for , there's plenty to nerd out about. Be willing to play games No, not the emotional manipulative type. Making them feel stupid for their geekery could open up some nasty wounds.

But just because you can find a GN at your local comic book store/comicon/coffee shop/bar, doesn't mean you can jump right into dating one. Set up a game board or pick up a video game controller and watch your geeky guy's heart melt. But, on the flip side, don't let them make you feel stupid. Don't let them make you feel bad for not knowing who Neil de Grasse Tyson is or for not knowing any members of the Justice League.



Nerdy guys get passionate about their favorite subject, they delve into it and learn as much as they can.He actually looks really good, but you can’t get him to buy it all.They could contain words that allude to a topic in his favorite sci-fi movie, numbers from some math equation, or nerdy play-on-words. If they mustered up the courage to ask you out in the first place, chances are they like you, and they will make this abundantly clear. Not so with the awkward dude: His friends are usually just as sweet and unassuming as he is, and they’re usually a lot of fun to talk to about things other than UFC and chicks, so you won’t mind group hangs. They’re so happy to land you that they will go to the moon and back to make you happy.

As a result, they’re a lot less likely to play mind games with you, because guess what? They won’t push you for another before you’re ready. They’re just so happy that you even showed up that they’re not going to get fresh with you unless you make it explicitly clear that that’s what want. When you’re used to alpha males and douchebags, you get used to hanging out with their jerky friends–and a lot of times they act like pigs in front of you. They’ll likely have a few fun quirks that may normally drive someone nuts, but when you like them back? You just need to give them a chance to show it–and they will. (Hint: start with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman).


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