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Despite it being a luxury in the West, it is absolutely essential in Oymyakon and far more effective than any synthetic fibers that a would-be visitor might take with them. Ever dreamed of a romantic hot air balloon date or a companion to share your particular sense of adventure?Or perhaps you're even a recovering sociopath seeking a little isolation and have run out of ideas.Not to fear, for we have here set before you a veritable banquet of remote travel destinations for you to feast your eyes upon.Either way, they are usually very passionate about their extreme sport.

Traditional dinner-and-a-movie dates are getting old. In a world full of Cross Fit junkies and gym selfies, one finds themselves looking for something different, fun and active to do on a date.

Obstacles pop up left and right, as the adventure gets wilder and wilder.

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Well, extreme dating may be just the thing for you.


Extreme dating is as varied and popular as the world of extreme sports.

Here are five extreme dating adventures for you and your partner to go on to add a little adrenalin and activity to your relationship.



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