Dynamic software updating ksplice


This will walk you through the practical aspects of using Kitsune and introduce you to the Kitsune runtime APIs and xfgen language.

After completing the tutorial, you should be able to use Kitsune to add dynamic updating support to other projects.

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In some systems, such as Up Stare and Po LUS, an update can occur at any time during execution.

Ginseng's compiler will attempt to infer good locations for update points, but can also use programmer-specified update points.

Updates take place quickly, and require no special system support (like redundancy).

We have used Kitsune to retrofit a half-dozen open-source programs to support dynamic updating.

Such dynamic software updates preserve in-memory state and active connections, thus avoiding the disruption of shutdown-and-restart.

These compilers preserve the semantics of the original program, but instrument either the source code or object code to produce a dynamically updateable program.



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