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There is also help at hand over in the forums or on the Facebook Group. Owning a GPS is quite legal – its not like a radar detector or anything like that.

What is not legal is trespassing to place a cache or to access a cache.

Here are some frequently asked questions about geocaching.

If you have any questions, send them in and we’ll try to answer them.


As might be expected after weeks and weeks of rain, Dartmoor is saturated and the O Brook, if not in spate, is at least challenging – when is a brook no longer a brook The caches which have been causing problems are those along the brook which requires multiple crossings.It’s hanging about knee height and you are looking for this (photo left).No 8 is always the most problematic and is on a run of 13 DNFs dating back to May 2015!Thirty five consecutive DNFs on just six Skir Hill Trail caches made me think it was time to take a look!


A spot of maintenance was clearly needed – or was it?

The entombed artifacts lay undisturbed until 2003, when commercial sand mining...


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