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Aboard the Good Ship Venus Aboard the good ship Venus, You really should have seen us With a figure head of a whore in bed And a mast of a phallic p*nis.


Imma let y'all digest that for a second Soon as the L word is introduced, bad shit start happening Like the time you blamed me saying I caused that car accident But I gotta confess that I made a mistake too I should've never told you my mother said not to date you That broke your heart into pieces, your tounge was caught you was speechless You held it in, this shit was almost a secret I ain't gon lie I felt guilty had me all apologetic Said I'm sorry but you would holler forget it I can't with you I can't with you Got dammit boo I had plans with you Can't stand the truth but what can I do? I'll confess you know, I'm no different, you know. I'm not weird about it or anything, I don't tie myself up first. The single achieved great success, reaching number four on the U.

S Billboard Hot 100 on 18 March 1991; meanwhile in their native country, Australia, the single reached the number one position.(watch them land) I'm standing all by myself Ain't got nobody else All by myself I don't need nobody I work out my problems I'm starting all over again I just started smiling I'm making myself some new friends (don't you know I've got?


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