Dating midlife men

The events that unfolded were odd, bizarre and sometimes surreal.

I felt like a character on television, not a soon-to-be divorced middle-aged mother of 3 in the uneventful confines of the Fairfield County suburbs.

And this can make the idea of dating again rather daunting.

And even if you're one of those women who has elected to leave a boring or unhappy relationship – with the aim of finding someone more to your taste before it's too late – you may still be nervous about getting close to someone new. But if you're reading this article, the chances are that you're keen to start making love again.

If you cast your mind back to before you lost your virginity, the chances are that you were anxious about it.

Getting sexually active again, after a break, can feel equally nerve-racking. Basically the act hasn't changed since you last did it!


I’ll guide you with tools and techniques that will help you enter the dating world with confidence, giving you everyday strategies to find romance and the partner who’s right for you.

AJ lived and worked in Manhattan but had a second home not far from where I lived.


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  2. eric   •  

    Just found out my ex that's 32 us dating a 18 year old girl.

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