Dating an overweight man


No one has ever successfully recovered The Vibe after uttering the words, “If you hold this bit up then I think I can just about get it in.” 4.

The things people shout at you Ahhh drive-by counselling.

My favorite question is, "Have you ever tried a salad?

And Wii Fit (anyone else die a little inside when that little scale avatar groans at you?

Earlier this week, I actually felt sorry for a Kardashian. Personally, I do have my preferences when it comes to dating men and the body types I prefer.


After TMZ caught Rob arriving at LAX on his way to the infamous Kanye and Kim wedding, the site posted photos of a hefty Rob. On television, you’re quick to see a fat man with a ‘fit’ wife or girlfriend, but you hardly see the opposite.

I recognize that women face much greater societal pressure to conform to a thin body type, but as a dude who often hits close to 300 on the scale at his doctor's office, I've had my fair share of unsolicited advice ("Run more! (Although, that would be the best.) (Is there a cake-eating cardio class I could take instead of all this boxing I'm doing?


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