Dating a fellow grad student

I'm starting to see this graduate student as he is working on his Ph D for physics.

I'm a current 4th year undergrad about to graduate and go to medical school.

It's easy to start crushing on people that have similar interests and are in close proximity to you.

By the time many people are in grad school, they should be able to control their personal and professional lives like adults.

I dont know about the graduate school life yet but its really new to me when he can't hang out for days at a time due to his course load or he doesn't have time to talk on the phone or text.

I dont want to bother him from his studies cause I know hes worked hard to get to where he is now but how do I let him know that I want to stay with him even with his busy life? You say you just started dating, and he's a busy grad student, and you're surprised that he's not seeing you or calling/texting you every day?

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