Cyndi wang and mike he dating

His latest venture is a real passion project: He founded one of the fastest-growing tequila brands in the world alongside good friend George Clooney and Mike Meldman in 2013, a company which he now manages himself. Business Insider caught up with the entrepreneur to hear more about how he built his empire – and what his typical 9 to 5 looks like.Scroll down for a look at a day in the life of Rande Gerber.However, Appledaily visited Cyndi’s place two days ago and found the white Mercedes-Benz parked in her parking spot with the same license plate as the one seen at Yao Yuan-Hao’s garage.Additionally, some recognized the same kind of plates that showed up in dessert photos on both Cyndi’s and Sonia’s Facebook, which is found in Yao Yuan-Hao’s home.What started as a modelling career quickly turned into a booming nightlife and entertainment business.Rande launched The Gerber Group alongside his brothers Scott and Kenn, a chain of luxury bars, restaurants, and lounges across the US and Europe.However, the company is keeping mum as to when the singer will be returning to Taiwan.[5/7/2012] Recently, Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan-Hao’s rumored relationship has been making news headlines in the entertainment section.

Readers told Appledaily that Cyndi was spotted visiting Yao Yuan-Hao’s home several times, driving a white Mercedes-Benz of the model E250.

Cyndi Wang's camp has recently denied reports that the singer has left Taiwan to hide, following the leak of her private photo.

As reported on Sina, the rumours sparked recently after Cyndi was spotted in Bangkok, Thailand, a few days after the issue of her leaked photo made headlines.

So I’m posting this and will be updating it as I watch more dramas.

Mind you, this is personal taste only, so what I love may leave you cold.

This was one of the first dramas I watched, shortly after Alisha Rai got me hooked on You’re Beautiful, which is cracktastic, but for various reasons, I prefer the Taiwanese version, Fabulous Boys (not least of which is Jiro Wang).


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