Consolidating clinical services

When facing a consolidation opportunity, it is important to have a methodology and approach to the process; after all, these are complex and impactful decisions.We begin by referring you to a previous CFA blog post Reviewing this blog will help to frame the issues and focus on the critical questions that serve as the basis for any consolidation analysis and discussion.“The central labs generally subdivide their shipments between standard delivery processes and specialty ones, and the latter are our sweet spot.And as the industry moves toward cellular and gene-based therapies, which involve sterile solutions, temperature-controlled delivery, and the need for precise chain-of-custody practices, this business is only going to grow.” Wheeler will continue to lead the Marken business, which will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS.

However, most of the data, on which these criticisms are based, reflect a predominantly fee-for-service (FFS) model and may not apply to value-based and risk-associated reimbursement models."In the CRO space, we are seeing more demand for expanding footprints in justifying the economic and health benefits of drugs, through reduced hospitalizations, side effects and improved quality of life.


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