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Jennifer Gardner shares how perfectionism plays into her life and work as a lawyer, podcaster and artist and how she almost quit her making creative work as a result.

nicknamed Mighty Kacy, is an American gymnast and athletics-based television personality.

Let’s look at Star Dianna Agron Terrified of Ex-Boyfriend Alex Pettyfer?

But it’s not just me that’s run by the social sphere, it’s most of us. There was no way to really know what your ex love interest was up to and visa versa.Who are they and how did they get where they are today? Sure it’s freezing, it’s going to stifle you, you’re going to go through all these tribulations, but you..."I always felt like I wasn’t JUST an actor, but my passion for acting kept me going because I was just so happy whenever I was doing it…but when the option of stretching yourself and taking that leap was presented... Jennifer Gardner interviews creator, curator, connector and the founder of Art With Teeth, Keef Ward. I recently heard my Rabbi, Rabbi Wolpe, speak about social media and relationships and it really had me wondering how to navigate this digital world we are now immersed in because, I’ll be honest, I thought I had it all figured out.


Did you make sure to tweet about your feelings today?Quite the 180 for a site that led the charge in vilifying him – and rightly so.


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