Ariana dating game


It may be kinda difficult to sing like superstar Ariana Grande – I tried to hit one of her high notes and shattered glass! In this game even though you won’t be singing a duet with Ariana, you will be getting her ready for a photo shoot.

Choose from classic Ariana hairstyles and actual outfits the singer has worn before. Maybe Ariana will mention us in the magazine article interview.

The star wore a retro powder-blue coat with leather trousers and heeled ankle boots, practically paired with a giant pair of fluffy ear muffs.

Nathan was well attired but suitably wrapped up warm in a peacoat, thick-knit scarf, a woolly hat and a pair of desert boots.

Rather suspiciously, the star also dropped out of the Major League Baseball's All-Star Concert just yesterday, which is set to take place this weekend.


In yet another turn around in the Ariana Grande doughnut scandal, it now appears that the singer will face charges for licking doughnuts in a California bakery.

The two finally went public with their relationship on October 7th, 2012 and met for the first time on New Years in New York City.


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    People who take their time to appreciate the world around them are happier and who knows–maybe along the way you’ll meet someone who loves Nashville the way you do.

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