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Compared with We Chat, which had an estimated 313 million users by December, Whats App is "totally not as fun and user-friendly," wrote one poster on Weibo.That’s probably not what Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to hear, if any fraction of the stiff price tag for Whats App and its roughly 450 million active users reflects hope that the app will help open up the Chinese market to the social networking giant.Let's make the Guangzhou expat life international and colorful. See More国际医院客服经理/Full-time Customer Services Manager地点/Location: 海南/Hainan Province薪资/Salary range from(¥):依经验而定/Depending on experience工作职责概述/Job Responsibilities:1、 接待来院病人及一切来访者,为他们提供现场咨询服务;协调电话、网络等离线咨询服务;2、 根据医院的就医流程及患者的病情需求,进行初步分诊,并向患者作出耐心的解释;3、…See More Guangzhou is a city where everything is booming, including the music scene.Do you want to meet people from different culture and countries? This is a place for jazz players and jazz lovers to network and share their appreciation for this unique artform. After getting divorced, Fan Yusu is now a single mother of two daughters.

But the app is unlikely to appeal to We Chatters, who have stayed loyal despite the introduction of a slew of Chinese clones and regional competitors like LINE, popular in Japan and Taiwan, and Kakao Talk, popular in South Korea.

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