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A good Samaritan ​who ​offered to lend two men short on cash a couple bucks to cover their meal at a Brooklyn eatery ended up beaten and robbed for trying to help, cops say.

The victim was savagely beaten by four men inside a Flatbush fried-chicken joint — and then robbed by a fifth as he lay helpless on the floor, cops say.

In the meantime, she looked for a way to absolutely guarantee that her next child would be the daughter she had always dreamed about.This idea suggests work from the book’s moment; the land art of Robert Smithson or the evanescent work of Gordon Matta-Clark, who made conical cuts out of abandoned buildings in New York, which were usually demolished days later.(Matta-Clark’s holes make a cameo on page 97.)Reno eventually moves to New York and drifts into the art scene though a relationship with the artist and industrial heir Sandro Valera.“The Flamethrowers,” Rachel Kushner’s second novel, has been widely and justly praised, including in this magazine. The narrator is a woman with no name, most often called Reno because that’s where she’s from.


The book brings together the seventies art world, the First World War, motorcycle racing, and political upheavals in the U. When the novel opens, she rides motorcycles in the Utah salt flats and wants to make art; specifically, she wants to photograph the long marks she makes with her tires across tracts of earth.The 37-year-old victim told police that an argument began when he offered to help pay for the two men’s meal, which they were a few dollars short of paying for, inside Texas Chicken and Burgers in Flatbush on March 1.


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