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Logging on, Allie becomes interested, but learns of a string of murders committed by a video chatting stalker who would find woman through Cam2Cam and chop their heads off, one of which was staying in Allie’s current room.

Uncertain, she begins to believe the killer is still on the loose, and finds herself in a growing state of paranoia – but is she really the next victim, or just fearful of her current locale?

With easy interface, variety of options and one of the highest number of user base chatliv is the only pearl in the vast sea of social interacting platforms where you can fathom again and again and each time you will have different experience.

This is the best alternative of omegle, Chatroulette, Yahoo messenger or Skype video calls.

If I implement only option 1, I would choose to go opt-in, as some developers would prefer no user flash control given the delay.

If I implement only option 3, I might elect for opt-out, defaulting to allowing flash control on to public. Until commonsguy implements his official way to change flash modes, this is working elegantly enough for my use, and hopefully for others as well. I decided to to take that route over working directly with the Android camera API.

Over the last two or so years there’s been a noticeable boom in what I’m coining the “techno-horror” genre (technology based horror), which isn’t very surprising considering how we’ve all become sheeple with i Phones glued to our hands – but that movie would essentially be nothing but a new-age zombie flick.


Have a custom design you would like to use for an award marker?

I have added a floating button but I may not able to change flash Mode of camera Controller somehow. I've dug around and it seems like you've partially implemented the feature, but can Toggle Flash Mode() is not used anywhere. I'm thinking about something like this: My current implementation is to cancel the activity and pass along an extra in the Intent, and get the calling activity to create a new cwac-cam2 instance with the new flash mode. I'm digging around the library trying to implement exactly what you described in 1.

Can you help me so I can know from where should I proceed. Also, it's interesting when Classic Camera Engine doesn't support dynamic flash mode while Camera Two does. In cwac-camera we were able to call set Flash Mode on the Camera Fragment without any problem. Is there a reason you did not choose that approach?

While being shown around by one of her friendly neighbors, she learns of an online chat program called Cam2Cam, where you can interact with people online in any capacity you’d like.


Some do it for attention, some for companionship and others for money, but it appears that everyone in the area uses Cam2Cam.

In this dark and haunting thriller, Five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party.


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