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In 2011, he and his girlfriend Laura toured the country on a motorbike and, two years later, they got married on a secluded beach.

The couple eventually settled down in Koh Samui, a tourist hotspot, just an hour’s flight south of Bangkok.

Now as international headlines team with unflattering portrayals of Arab men – from the New Year’s Eve Cologne attacks to Islamic State – El Feki believes it is time to examine the apparent ‘crisis of masculinity’ that not only ‘demonises’ the region’s male population, but hinders attempts to reach true gender equality.

“The idea of men and masculinity is very well studied in the West and Europe, and also in most other parts of the global south, but we don’t have much of it here yet,” El Feki says.

The women who have come out and reported these incidents tell of the horror they have gone through.



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n 22 June 2015, Xavier Justo, a 48-year-old retired Swiss banker, walked towards the front door of his brand new boutique hotel on Koh Samui, a tropical Thai island.


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    Tannenbaum, she oversees the day-to-day management of company.

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