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Women were having children at a much younger age, too.

Even in the 1950s, the average age for the birth of a woman's first child was just 22.

The complainant, “perhaps naively on reflection”, accepted these excuses, said Simon Medland, QC, for the prosecution.

During that period Kye told the woman he had a friend called Gayle, who also happened to be studying at Chester University. The two women met, using their real names, and became firm friends, with the student confiding in Newland about her relationship with Kye.“He” (really, Newland) laid down a series of conditions that Medland conceded the jury might find “rather odd”.

The year 1920 marked the dawn of a new era of freedom for women—the year saw the ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave us the right to vote—it also ushered in a new decade of social liberation.The complainant was to remain blindfold throughout – because Kye was ashamed of his injuries.And he was bandaged around his chest because of a heart condition and had to wear a “medically necessary sort of bodysuit” during sex.Described in court as “an imaginative and persuasive liar”, Newland adopted a male online persona called Kye Fortune in 2011 so she could seduce a fellow student at Chester University in the UK: She persuaded the student to wear a blindfold whenever they met, and wore a large strap-on prosthetic penis [with testicles] in order to dupe the woman into having penetrative sex.

The jury heard that the complainant not only wore the blindfold during sex but also for at least 100 hours when the pair were just hanging out – going for drives, sunbathing and even “watching” films together.

For a year the pair swapped messages and photos online, and talked regularly for hours on the phone, but did not meet, the court heard.


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    If not, perhaps we should just ignore the J-P variable altogether in favor of the broader INT nerd classification. If ISTPs use the same dominant function, Introverted Thinking (Ti), as INTPs, how is it that they often manage to escape the geek moniker?

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