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Berry, in his defense, said he never had intercourse with the teen.


On that same tour, Berry would be accompanied by an underage teenager who grew up in Yuma, Ariz.

One appeals decision in the case even describes how the band toured.

Berry and his three musicians were "travelling in his Cadillac automobile from one engagement to another," according to the court had run away from home and had worked as a prostitute to earn money. Berry offered her the girl job at his nightclub in St. In the meantime, according to the court decision archived on Google Scholar, she could join the tour and sell photographs at the concert stops.

Chuck Berry was already a legend in 1959, having penned and recorded many of the hits that would ensure his place in music history.

But on a tour that year, Berry would be accompanied by a teenager who grew up in Yuma and her testimony would place him in prison for two years and put a damper on his career. He met a teenager from Arizona while on that December 1959 tour, traveled with her from state to state — supposedly with the intention of hiring her to work at his nightclub."They are reluctant to ask for help because they feel it's shameful." Japan's economy has been shrinking for the better part of the last decade.


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